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A coach can help make what you’ve been dreaming about, a reality. Creating a plan, removing the blocks, fostering the mindset, holding you accountable and cheering you on! Your life deserves the best of you. Make time for great things.

  • Sessions are 60 to 90 mins. ​
  • All sessions currently conducted online
  • Free initial 20 mins consultation
  • Block bookings available
  • Prices on enquiry


Life coaching or ‘personal coaching’ as it is sometimes called, focuses on facilitating your potential in a supportive, reflective, client-led, individual basis. It’s about drawing the best out of you on your own terms. Looking at where you are now and where you want to be, we create realistic action plans and explore how to overcome any obstacles you may be facing.

The coach’s role is to guide and facilitate, not to direct or instruct. It’s time for you to process, reflect, discuss and plan your life and goals with someone that will support, encourage and hold space just for you.

There can be an excelerated level of clarity that comes when we speak our goals and dreams out aloud to someone else. However who we speak to about such things is so important – it can make the difference between a dream being shut down before its begun (often by a well meaning friend or family member with a limited perspective), or creating a commitment and action plan for success.

We can either take a holistic approach to your life goals and creative ambitions or we can just as easily focus on one particular area or creative project to suit your needs.

If there is something you want to change, achieve or create, get a coach that gets you.

Law of Attraction Coaching/ Manifestation

The Law of Attraction is believed by some to be a ‘universal law’ regarding the way mental and emotional focus affects your life and everything in it. The basic fundamental belief is that ‘what you focus on – you attract’. Quantum physicists have long proven that ‘thought affects matter’ and their research in this field increasingly illuminates the mechanics of how we can further harness the incredible power of our mental and emotional focus.


The term Law of Attraction has experienced a rapid increase in popularity in certain personal development and esoteric fields of late. Despite the different words used to describe the phenomenon and whether you believe it is the result of a responsive universe or the ‘power of the mind’, it is always working whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Learn how to harness this incredible creative power in your life.


We focus on raising your energy, emotions and life force to be a match for the things you wish to attract/manifest into your life. We also look at strategies for overcoming any limiting beliefs or obstacles you might be experiencing so you can confidently create the life experiences you desire and reveal the most creatively powerful and authentic version of yourself.



Combining both means that we create real-world action plans and effective strategies whilst harnessing the incredible power of your mental and emotional focus to manifest the things you desire in ways that can seem simply magical to those who observe your progress.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching can include any of the coaching elements above as in life-coaching and law of attraction coaching but goes further as a deeply holistic approach where we look at making transformation at the core of how you see yourself and the world.


It can combine any other modality like EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Hypnosis or energy work, as required. We may look at self-knowledge systems like Human Design, Myers Briggs, Astrology and Gene Codes among others, to gain insights to what energy systems you’re working with and to be the best most authentic version of yourself.


Shadow work, ancestral work, past lives, trauma work and energy healing may also come into the picture if appropriate. It will be a bespoke experience depending on what you need, where you’re at and what you’re ready to work on. 


We will combine woo with wisdom, neuroscience, energy work, coaching models and psychology.


‘Know thyself’ and all doors open.

Hi, my name is Ruth
I am a master coach and multi-modality practitioner that facilitates deep self-work for real world impact.

I work with highly sensitive, spiritually conscious, seekers and creative people that are passionate about their personal development and growth. From artists, musicians, writers, and influencers, to solo-preneurs, coaches and transformational leaders. I help you release limiting beliefs so that you can move towards fulfilling your potential with less anxiety and self-sabotage. Instead, you’ll develop more ease and confidence with your gifts and mission. If you have something positive to contribute to the world and would like support with the inner work to help make that possible, book a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit.

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